BCB Multisport is a triathlon club catering for Melbourne and Inner Northern suburb Multisport enthusiasts.   We are always open for new members to join our team.  Whether you are a novice, experienced triathlete, runner, swimmer or cyclist, we would love to hear from you! Contact us via the form below to find out more.


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Our training schedule is still evolving with additional session options being added soon. Below are our current regular sessions which are available to all BCB Members.

If you are looking for someone to train with in the meantime, please feel free to contact us and we can arrange a time to train together – it’s a great way to meet new friends and find out more about how the Multisport Club can work for you.

And by the way – if you are a coach looking for an opportunity to help grow a club, we would love to hear from you too!



Monday 6.00 AM & 6.00 PM
Wednesday 6.00 AM & 6.00 PM
Friday 6.00 AM

Note: Swim sessions run by Brunswick Baths no Tri Association insurance coverage.


Brunswick Baths Outdoor swimming pool



Tuesday 6.00 AM
Thursday 6.00 AM

Note: Session run by Brunswick Baths no Tri Association insurance coverage.


Meet at Brunswick Baths then off around Princes Park

Brick (Bike/Run)


Wednesday 6.00 AM


Princess Park-near Corner of Princes Park Drive, Garton St and MacPherson St

More Information


More information on all training sessions and member nights coming soon.




– Personal accident insurance when training or racing in an event (provided by Tri Association)
– Discounted rates at the Brunswick Baths – where most group training sessions are held
– Discounted entry into some races – 10% for Gatorade/FunTri Series this year
– Discounts with sponsors (TBA)
– Monthly prizes including discount vouchers from our favourite sponsors
– Access to club marquee on race day at many of the triathlons – particularly Gatoroade/FunTri Series
– Access to experienced athletes to help with preparation and racing
– Free Access to structured training programs through our BCB Training Peaks account.

Season 2016/17 Fees

– BCB Multisport Club annual membership $55*
– Triathlon Victoria annual membership for club members $130** (normally $219)

*Registration and payment of the club fee is via Triathlon Victoria Registration and website
**We require our members to have an active membership with Triathlon Victoria.

How to register

– Head to the Triathlon Victoria website

– Register for annual membership

– Choose BCB Multisport as your Club

Go to Triathlon Victoria & register now


Gatorade Race 3 Results Elwood

Date: 05.02.2017   Distance: Fun, Sprint

Celebrating Big Wins and Small Wins

With 13 triathletes in a field of over 2300 it is easy to be intimidated by the disc wheels, aero helmets and bikes that are worth more than Liberia’s GDP. But the team at BCB Multisport had a day of celebrating wins both big and small at the third race of the Gatorade Triathlon Series down at Elwood (with and without the sexy gear).

Small win #1: We noticed that the marquee was backwards BEFORE we left on Saturday afternoon, so no one was any the wiser bright and early Sunday morning.

Big Win #1: Louise swam her longest ever open water swim in the sprint distance –750m – she came out of the water smiling and ready to attack the next two legs. A huge achievement for someone who only began swimming in the ocean a couple of months ago.

Small Win #2: Adrian may not have been ‘feeling it’ on the day, but he still came in an incredible eighth place and wouldn’t have blown out a candle on the finish line (sources tell us one of his clients was in his wave… yet to be confirmed whether he let him win).

Big Win #2: Colin made the podium in his category yet again – and was first out of the water. He was also the fastest in both his transitions, so we’ve all made a note to ask him his secret…

Small Win #3: Sarah fulfilled her goal of not falling over when removing her wetsuit (though it did take her about two minutes, perhaps she needs to take a leaf out of Colin’s book).

Big Win #3: Ashleigh ran a massive 3:30 PB in her 3km run during the Active Feet Triathlon, an amazing achievement!

Small Win #4: With no rain in the week leading up to the tri the bay was blissfully poo free, making for excellent swimming conditions (and no threat of a run-ride-run)

Big Win #4: Ho Wah smashed his previous Gatorade Tri run time in the 5km sprint distance.

Great work from all #forceinthenorth

Written by Sarah Park

CompetitorTimeCategoryCateogory PositionGender PositionSwim T1BikeT2Run
Colin Davis 1:07:15.5Sprint Male 50-54349 0:10:08.7 0:02:12.0 0:32:50.4 0:01:13.3 0:20:50.1
Adrian Verdnik 1:08:12.3Sprint Male 40-44860 0:11:19.1 0:02:50.9 0:32:01.2 0:01:36.6 0:20:24.3
Jeremy Baker 1:09:54.4Sprint Male 25-29984 0:11:09.1 0:02:15.0 0:33:58.6 0:01:32.4 0:20:59.2
Louise Organ 1:32:06.2Sprint Female 25-2925190 0:18:09.3 0:04:28.2 0:43:02.0 0:02:07.0 0:24:19.5
Sarah Park 1:17:21.4Sprint Female 25-29547 0:12:54.8 0:02:50.5 0:38:41.2 0:01:21.4 0:21:33.4
Ho Wah Ng 1:24:37.7Sprint Male 30-3468456 0:16:46.8 0:03:46.8 0:37:36.1 0:01:51.8 0:24:36.0
Duncan Whitford 1:14:06.0Sprint Male 35-3920168 0:14:14.3 0:02:50.1 0:34:00.9 0:01:30.9 0:21:29.6
Andrew Pappas 1:19:02.4Sprint Male 50-5422301 0:13:24.5 0:03:12.5 0:38:10.1 0:01:39.6 0:22:35.4
Michael Dawson 1:16:16.4Sprint Male 55-599223 0:12:06.8 0:03:13.9 0:36:27.2 0:01:33.5 0:22:54.7
Mark Costello 1:12:44.5Sprint Male 55-594133 0:12:44.1 0:02:37.5 0:34:21.0 0:01:32.0 0:21:29.8
Anthony Cuzzupe 1:06:32.4Sprint Male 40-44542 0:09:56.7 0:02:35.3 0:32:07.5 0:01:16.7 0:20:36.0
Bien Genato 1:33:21:3Sprint Family & Friends20206 0:16:52.3 0:03:52.5 0:41:07.1 0:02:32.2 0:28:56.4
Elyse Schweitzer 0:52:12.0Fun Female 18-291166 0:04:40.7 0:02:38.3 0:23:12.6 0:00:55.4 0:18:44.8
Ashleigh Whiteside 1:04:54.9Fun Female 18-2927176 0:06:19.1 0:05:33.7 0:23:52.5 0:02:21.3 0:26:48.1


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