BCB Multisport is a new club catering for Melbourne and Inner Northern suburb Multisport enthusiasts.   We are now open for new members to join our team.  Whether you are a novice, experienced triathlete, runner, swimmer or cyclist, we would love to hear from you! Contact us  via the form below to find out more.


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We are still finalising our training schedule. If you are looking for someone to train with in the meantime, please feel free to contact us and we can arrange a time to train together – it’s a great way to meet new friends and find out more about how the Multisport Club can work for you.

And by the way – if you are a coach looking for an opportunity to help grow a club, we would love to hear from you too!



Monday 6.00 AM & 6.00 PM
Wednesday 6.00 AM & 6.00 PM
Friday 6.00 AM

Note: Session run by Brunswick Baths no Tri Association insurance coverage.


Brunswick Baths Outdoor swimming pool



Tuesday 6.00 AM
Thursday 6.00 AM

Note: Session run by Brunswick Baths no Tri Association insurance coverage.


Meet at Brunswick Baths then off around Princes Park



Brick TBA Starting date, most likely Tuesday night





every Wednesday 7.00 PM

Catch up with the coach and other members


Brunswick Baths (in the Pool Manager’s office).



– Personal accident insurance when training or racing in an event (provided by Tri Association)
– Discounted rates at the Brunswick Baths – where most group training sessions are held
– Discounted entry into some races – 10% for Gatorade/FunTri Series this year
– Discounts with sponsors (TBA)
– Membership Bag with BCB Multisport Club t-shirt and other sponsors’ merchandise and discount vouchers
– Monthly prizes including discount vouchers from our favourite sponsors
– Access to club marquee on race day at many of the triathlons – particularly Gatoroade/FunTri Series
– Access to experienced athletes to help with preparation and racing
– A referral service to senior coaches to help with training plans and race preparation


– BCB Multisport Club annual membership $55*
– Triathlon Victoria annual membership for club members $125** (normally $209)

*Registration and payment of the club fee is via Triathlon Victoria Registration and website
**We require our members to have an active membership with Triathlon Victoria.

How to register

– Head to the Triathlon Victoria website

– Register for annual membership

– Choose BCB Multisport as your Club

Go to Triathlon Victoria & register now


Australian Himalayan Foundation’s Neverest fundraiser

Date: 01.03.2016   Distance: 70.3

On the last weekend of April, Jack, Luke B, running coach Marcus and I climbed Mt Everest.

Well, not quite. We entered a team into the Australian Himalayan Foundation’s Neverest fundraiser, which raised money for children who were victims of the 2015 earthquake to go to school. The idea behind the event was that we find a sizeable hill somewhere near Melbourne and ascend it enough times to have climbed the 9000m vertical height of Mt Everest.

The Melbourne event was based at the Lyrebird track (the one next to the 1000 steps) in the Dandenongs. To ascend 9000m our team had to climb up and down the track 36 times…

Luke, Jack and I arrived at the track for the starters gun at 7am (Marcus was on child duty). And we were off!

Our first lap or two were sprightly. We walked quickly up and jogged down, and conversation was flowing.

Jack had to head off to a beer mile race later in the afternoon so he did all his laps back to back. Luke and I took it in turns to keep him company before Marcus arrived. This meant we also took it in turns to attack the barbecued and baked goods on offer.

By mid-morning Marcus had arrived and our lap count had grown from 3 to 6 to 12 to 18; we were half way; conversation was slowing.

The day continued with a total of 40 participants climbing up and down the track to the curious and often bemused enjoyment of passers-by. Jack finished his portion of the laps in time to make it to his beer mile (race report on its way?), and by mid-afternoon, Luke, Marcus and I were done as well.

Departing with a proud 36 laps, 9000m vertical and 104km we were exhausted. Having fundraised enough for 9 children (9.3 to be precise) to go to school next for 12 months however, the sore muscles and joints were all worthwhile.

Highlights of the day included:

  • Luke strapping his watch on in the morning and saying “hey, this is the first time I’ve used the run function!”
  • Jack being surprised that after running 25km up and down the Lyrebird track his beer mile time was slower than during training
  • Marcus arriving after the other three of us were a few laps into the race and taking off up the first hill saying “come on, why so slow?!”
  • Me not being able to walk to the car afterwards, so getting picked up from the bottom of the track

Overall it was a great event for very worthy cause. We all would thoroughly recommend it for anyone wanting a challenge in future years: some crazy people did the event in teams of two, one person did it solo!

While donations for the campaign itself have finished, the Australian Himalayan Foundation are still accepting money via their website: http://www.australianhimalayanfoundation.org.au/index.php/our-work/programs



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